Paltalk – تحميل البالتوك العربي 2011 – برنامج البالتوك 2011

Paltalk – تحميل البالتوك العربي 2011 – برنامج البالتوك 2011

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مميزات البالتوك

يعطيك البالتوك محادثة فيديو متعدد الاشخاص على الويب! مع الصوت,الفيديوو الكتابة النصية.

Paltalk gives you the best multi-person video chat experience on the web! With voice, video and text chat, Paltalk can make sure you are seen and heard.

دردشة الفيديو

شارك الفيديو مع آلاف اعضاء البالتوك المهتمين مع غرفة المحادثة المفضلة لديك.

Video Chat
See and be seen! Share your video with thousands of interested Paltalk members in your favorite discussion rooms.

الفيديو عالى الجودة

كن مرنا! يعطيك اكثر من 20 فريم في الثانية لأكثر مجموعات الفيديو طبيعة ,بمعني خبرة في المحاثة على الاطلاق.

High Resolution Video

Be smooth! Get over 20 frames a second for the most natural group video chat experience ever.

Text Chat
Be yourself! Express your personality with different fonts, effects and hundreds of emoticons in group or one-on-one chats.

Be heard! Voice chat one-on-one or with a group – as long as you have a mic and headset (or speakers), with Paltalk you can chat for free with friends around the world!

High Fidelity Audio
Paltalk offers a richer, more enhanced audio experience

PC to Phone Calls
Save on calls to over 250 countries and cities! Select “Make a Phone Call” from the Actions Menu. Some subscription plans also come with free PC to Phone minutes included.
video chat with up to 10 people for free simultaneously on SuperIM

Virtual Numbers
Get an online number that lets you make and receive calls without revealing your phone number. Choose from a huge selection of area codes. Perfect for making friends online.

Chat with all your IM friends
Be everywhere at once! Text chat with your AOL, MSN, Y!, Gchat and Facebook friends right from the Paltalk Pal list. Add audio and video just by sending them a simple SuperIM link.

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Paltalk – تحميل البالتوك العربي 2011 – برنامج البالتوك 2011

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